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A Kindness Reciprocated
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Honouring Family Ties
The Tenth Inauguration of Endowed Professorships
The Tenth Inauguration of Endowed Professorships

This year, we are proud to present ten Professorships from the Faculties of Business and Economics, Dentistry, Medicine, and Engineering, and the Asia Global Institute.

A total of 95 Endowed Professorships have been established since 2005. Each of these gifts came with a story, and a dream.

Kingboard Professorship in Advanced Dentistry
建滔基金教授席 (先進牙醫學)

Incumbent: Thomas F Flemmig 傅立明

"It is our wish that the establishment of this Endowed Professorship will help the Faculty of Dentistry scale new heights in global dental education. Named the number 1 dental school in the world by the QS World Universities Rankings 2016, the HKU Faculty of Dentistry, we believe, is in a superb position to push boundaries and bring innovative development in dental science to Hong Kong and beyond."

Kingboard Chemical Holdings Limited

The Kingboard Chemical Holdings Limited was represented by
Mr Cheung Kwok-Wing

L & T Charitable Foundation Professorship in
Biomedical Sciences
慧賢慈善基金教授席 (生物醫學)

Incumbent: Huang Jian-Dong 黃建東

"As residents in Hong Kong, we have enjoyed a high standard of medical service throughout our lifetimes. We are glad and proud that HKU has nurtured innumerable outstanding medical professionals. We hope all Hong Kong people will be able to continue to benefit from outstanding medical care, including that from new research results and medical discoveries. This endowment is just a beginning; together we aim to see HKU reaching new frontiers and horizons."

Mrs Rita Tong Liu and family

The L & T Charitable Foundation was represented by Mr Jeffrey Liu

Victor and William Fung Professorship in Economics
馮國經馮國綸基金教授席 (經濟學)

Incumbent: Chen Zhiwu 陳志武

"It gives me great pleasure that Professor Chen Zhiwu is the Victor and William Fung Professor at the School of Economics and Finance. As the inaugural Endowed Professor and Director of the Asia Global Institute (AGI), Professor Chen’s remarkable leadership, innovative vision, and collaborative approach with his colleagues in other disciplines will benefit the AGI and the University as a whole."

Dr Victor K Fung
Dr William K Fung

Francis S Y Bong Professorship in Engineering
龐述英基金教授席 (工程學)

Incumbent: Wong Sze-Chun 黃仕進

"It is a privilege and an honour to establish an Endowed Professorship for the Faculty of Engineering at The University of Hong Kong, my alma mater. I believe that my contribution will strengthen the Faculty’s ability to generate innovative research and enrich the educational experience of
future young engineers."

Mr Francis S Y Bong

HSBC Professorship in Global Economy and Business Strategy
滙豐基金教授席 (環球經濟及企業策略)

Incumbent: Tao Zhigang 陶志剛

"HSBC is committed to talent development and strongly supports the Endowed Professorship in Global Economy and Business Strategy. We believe that education can help people fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper."

Mr Peter Wong Tung Shun
Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive,
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited was represented by Mr George Leung

Chi-Li Pao Foundation Professorship in Psychiatry
包玉星基金教授席 (精神醫學)

Incumbent: Eric Y H Chen 陳友凱

"In continuing our family’s tradition of contributing to the well-being of society through various means, we are truly humbled to play our part. It is a blessing to be bestowed with the ability to help others in need. 

This professorship is established in hope to further facilitate research in psychiatry, which could undoubtedly touch the lives of many in need of expert help through improving the effectiveness of and innovation in treatment for those suffering from debilitating psychological disorders."

Chi-Li Pao Foundation

The Chi-Li Pao Foundation was represented by Professor Paul Tam, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of HKU

Cheng Yu-Tung Professorship in Sustainable Development
鄭裕彤基金教授席 (可持續發展)

Incumbent: Victor O K Li 李安國

"Abide by your words and be true to your promises; be hard working and cautious; be grateful for all our blessings and never forget our roots; don’t abandon your sense of morality and justice in pursuit of self-interest. All of these truths should be viewed as a complete set, and no single principle should ever be ignored."

The late Dato’ Dr Cheng Yu-Tung

The Cheng Family was represented by Ms Sonia Cheng

George and Paulette Ho Professorship in Visual Science
何驥伉儷基金教授席 (視覺科學)
Incumbent: Jimmy S M Lai 黎少明

"It is our great hope that this Endowed Professorship in Visual Science will contribute to advances in retinal research, diagnosis and treatment in our community. Through medical empowerment, we can ensure and preserve for all the eye’s task of showing life’s beauty."

Mr George and Mrs Paulette Ho


Successive Appointments:

Chung Hon-Dak Professorship in Economic Development
鍾瀚德基金教授席 (經濟發展學)

Incumbent: Larry D X Qiu 丘東曉

Albert Bing-Ching Young Professorship in Ophthalmology
楊秉正基金教授席 (眼科)

Incumbent: Lam Wai-Ching 林偉青

The Albert Young Bing Ching Foundation Limited
was represented by Professor Paul Tam,
Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of HKU

April 2017

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