A Chance to Broaden Horizons

A Chance to Broaden Horizons
Ten Fruitful Years! Happy 10th Anniversary, FIFE Fund!

May 2018

The First-in-the-Family Education (FIFE) Fund, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in April, has made hundreds of extracurricular activities possible for HKU students from less privileged backgrounds. Some recipients used support from FIFE to broaden their views with overseas exchange.

Susan Cheng (BSc(Sp&HearSc) 2017) spent a summer in Ghana working with children in the West African nation. “I treasure the idea that we are not merely providing temporary help, but equipping the children with lifelong skills.”

David Tsang (BSc 2018) called the half-year he spent at the University of Bonn “the most remarkable and challenging experience of my life so far”. Lynn Ma (BSocSc Year 4), who also travelled to Germany, said her internship there helped build confidence. As the daughter of a construction work, Lynn was fascinated by the respect that Germans paid to working-class craftsmen.

For Maggie Cheng and Choco Kwong (BChinMed Year 2), summer school in Canada marked their first trip so far from home.

Professor William Hayward, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, made a gift to the Fund to pay tribute to his dear friend and former colleague, the late Professor Bosco Tjan.

“Bosco was dedicated in his research of human vision and he always wanted to help improve the care of visually impaired patients. There is no better way to honour Bosco than supporting this meaningful cause.”

Please click the below for more information about the Fund and sharing stories of the Fund recipients.

FIFE 2017-18 Newsletter
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