A Generous Heart Never Rests

Aug 2013

“The donation by my wife and myself is a gesture of support of many worthy programs at HKU. This great university is poised to contributing and eventually leading in finding a new pathway for sustainable development for the fast developing countries in Asia and the rest of the World. The government matching makes small donors like us able to do something that becomes somewhat meaningful.” ~ Professor Felix Wu

Retired Philip K H Wong Wilson K L Wong Professor in Electrical Engineering and founding director of the Friends of HKU, Ltd in the US, Felix Wu 吳復立, decided to donate HK$2 million from his Staff Provident Fund benefits to establish an annual Distinguished Lecture in Power Systems and a Postgraduate Scholarship in Clean Energy and Environment.  

Professor Wu hopes that the Distinguished Lecture series will bring leading authorities in the field and their research ideas to HKU, and also provide opportunities for the University’s researchers to demonstrate their outstanding innovative work to international experts.  He would also like to see the impact of HKU’s technological innovations expand by giving scholarship recipients from developing countries the capacity to use those innovations for the sustainable development of their home countries.

Felix Wu
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