Acclaimed opera singer Hao Jiang Tian lends his voice to a cultural lecture recital at HKU

opera singer Hao Jiang Tian 田浩江

Nov 2010

Internationally acclaimed opera singer Hao Jiang Tian 田浩江 visited HKU in November 2009. Funded by the HKU Culture & Humanities Fund and organised by the Department of Music, the event included a performance and sharing by Tian, and a forum presented by Tian together with Guo Wenjing 郭文景(composer), Diana Liao 廖瑞麗(librettist) and Leo Lee Ou-fan 李歐梵(critic) on the Opera Poet Li Bai 《詩人李白》 and the intercultural possibilities of the opera genre.

From a teenage factory worker in Beijing to being recognised as one of the most talented operatic bass singers who has played in over 1,300 performances in 40 operatic roles worldwide, Tian shared his experiences and political, social, and musical changes which have shaped his life in China and America.

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