Recognition Building

Meng Wah Complex

Meng Wah Complex was opened on December 15, 1993 by Mr Wong Chue Meng, Chairman of Stelux Holdings International Limited and Hwa Kay Thai Holdings Limited, and Mrs Wong. Mr and Mrs Wong Chue Meng have made considerable donations to facilitate the building of school sports stadiums in Mainland China and Thailand through the Meng …

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Fung Ping Shan Building

Named after its donor, Fung Ping Shan Building was opened on December 14, 1932. It was first used to house the University’s Chinese book collection which was considerably augmented by a book donation from Fung Ping Shan himself. The Chinese Library is named Fung Ping Shan Library to commemorate his generosity. The University’s Museum of …

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Tang Chi Ngong Building

The Tang Chi Ngong School of Chinese is accessible both from the University main campus and from Bonham Road through a stone archway and up a winding flight of stairs. The name of the Building commemorates its donor and his wish that it be called the School of Chinese. In 1931 the Department of Chinese …

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Centennial Garden

The Centennial Garden was completed in 2012, together with the Centennial Campus, to maximise the green coverage of the campus. The Garden includes four signature sculptures and gardens: the Bricks Wall; Little Garden; Universe; and Fortiter in re, Suaviter in modo. Bricks Wall The Bricks Wall recognises contributions from 1,700 alumni and friends of the …

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Pao Siu Loong Building

Pao Siu Loong Building was opened on October 22, 1973. It was named after Pao Siu Loong, father of Dr Pao Yue Kong (HonLLD 1975), to honour their donation of two million dollars to the University’s new health centre. Mr Pao Siu Loong was a prosperous merchant from Ningpo, and came to Hong Kong in …

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