Recognition Building

Robert Black College

Robert Black College was opened on January 19, 1967 and built with funds donated by Sir Tang Shiu Kin (HonLLD 1961), Leung Yew and Ng Shi Cheong. Sir Tang Shiu Kin founded the Kowloon Motor Bus Company, of which he had been Chairman and Managing Director. He served the community by establishing a Scholarship Fund …

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Meng Wah Complex

Meng Wah Complex was opened on December 15, 1993 by Mr Wong Chue Meng, Chairman of Stelux Holdings International Limited and Hwa Kay Thai Holdings Limited, and Mrs Wong. Mr and Mrs Wong Chue Meng have made considerable donations to facilitate the building of school sports stadiums in Mainland China and Thailand through the Meng …

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Eliot Hall & May Hall

The Old Halls previously served as independent student hostels: Lugard, Eliot, and May Halls. Eliot Hall opened in 1914 and was named after Sir Charles Eliot, the first Vice-Chancellor of the University. May Hall was opened on 1 January 1915 and named after Sir Francis Henry May, the second Chancellor of The University of Hong …

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James Hsioung Lee Science Building

The opening of the building was officiated by businessman James Hsioung Lee on February 11, 1982.  Mr Lee had promoted industrial and commercial developments in Hong Kong since the 1950s. It now houses the Department of Earth Science.

Hui Oi Chow Science Building

In memory of his father Hui Oi Chow, Dr Stephen Hui Sze-fun (HonLLD 1980) made a generous donation and officiated the opening of the building on December 10, 1981. His father Dr Hui Oi Chow had worked tirelessly to support and promote the development of earth sciences in Hong Kong and overseas throughout his life. …

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K. K. Leung Building

Dr Leung Kau Kui (HonLLD 1995) was a Hong Kong philanthropist. He was also Managing Director of Hang Seng Bank in Hong Kong and former Executive Vice-Chairman of Dah Cheong Trading Company.  He donated HK$10 million as an endowment for the library and to support general departmental activities in the University. Dr Leung’s daughter Annie …

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The Main Building

The Main Building is the oldest structure on HKU Campus. This Edwardian Baroque-style building was designed by Alfred Bryer of Leigh & Orange. Construction began in 1910 and was completed in 1912. The building was a gift from Sir Hormusjee N. Mody, a distinguished Parsi businessman and land developer in Hong Kong. “Mody Road” in …

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Chow Yei Ching Building

The Building was officially opened on November 9, 1995 by Dr Chow Yei Ching (HonLLD 1997), a well-known businessman and a philanthropist.  Dr Chow was generous to tertiary institutions as he believed in the power of education.  Dr Chow is a Founding Honorary Patron of HKU Foundation for Educational Development and Research.  He affirmed that …

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Haking Wong Building

Dr Haking Wong (HonLLD 1980) was a renowned electronics engineer dedicated to industrial development in Hong Kong. The late entrepreneur donated generously to engineering research, and the University named the Haking Wong Building in recognition of his generosity. The building was opened on 6 October, 1983 by Sir Edward Youde, the then Governor and Chancellor …

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Loke Yew Hall

Loke Yew Hall is located in the Main Building, the oldest structure at the University as well as a declared monument. For over a century the Hall has been the venue of major University events and ceremonies. It used to be called the Great Hall. In January 1956, it was renamed Loke Yew Hall after …

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