Class of 1982 fundraised for the Alumni Green Fund


Feb 2008

In keeping with a good old HKU tradition, volunteers from each faculty of the Class of 82 have come together to organise a reunion to rekindle our friendships and refresh our memories of the University days and to do something meaningful together.

To celebrate their silver jubilee with a worthy social cause, the theme of “Global Warming” was chosen. As members of the global village, there is no doubt that every one has to help to stop global warming. An “HKU Alumni Green Fund” has therefore been initiated and set up to educate the community about and to fight against Global Warming through education programmes. It aims to train up leaders of tomorrow to sustain our earth.

On Mother’s Day, a tree planning day was held at the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden, Tai Po. Fifty alumni and their families climbed over the hilly slopes of Tai Mo Shan. Despite the humid and windy weather, participants enjoyed this special morning and planted more than 120 trees.

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