Donations Support HKU Students on Service Learning and Equal Learning Opportunities

Funding for Education Projects

Sept 2010

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends, students and staff members at HKU are offered the opportunity to learn outside the classroom and to explore cultures and communities around the world.

Through the CEDARS Global Citizenship Educational Programme, students and staff learn to become responsible global citizens through real life experiences of critical international issues.  This programme, supported by five educational funds, promotes experiential learning and aims to encourage social inclusion, equal learning opportunity, volunteerism and service learning.  In the process of learning, students are encouraged to explore how they can make a difference in the world, in local and overseas communities facing social and economic challenges.

This unique learning programme has only been made possible through the generosity of supportive alumni, donors and friends of the University.  This year, five education funds form part of the CEDARS Funding for Educational Projects programme.  They are:

  • Gallant Ho Service Learning Scheme– Family Values
  • Henry Chan Inclusive Education Fund
  • HKU ’81 Inclusion Fund
  • HKU ’82 Alumni Green Fund
  • HKU Class of ’84 Social Inclusion Fund

These donations empower HKU students and staff members to gain invaluable experiential learning for the benefit of mankind.

To find out how you can make a difference or to learn more about the five educational funds supporting the CEDARS Educational Funding projects this year, please visit the HKU Giving website.

For more information on this programme, visit CEDARS website.

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