Donors, dinner and candlelight in Loke Yew Hall


March 2009

On April 21, 2009, The University of Hong Kong extended its appreciation and thanks to donors of the Endowed Professorships Scheme at an elegant Gala Dinner held in the iconic Loke Yew Hall.

The evening focused on acknowledging and recognising the donors’ support to the University and a Commemorative Chair, with a distinguishing plaque, was presented to each donor. The Chair was specially designed in the style of the Ming-dynasty, because the first character in the Chinese name of the Endowed Professorships Scheme “明德教授席” shares the same character with the Ming “明”Dynasty.

EP chair

Presenting the Chairs to the donors, Vice-Chancellor expressed the hope that they, together with the values and vision they represent, would be passed on to donors’ children and future generations.

All guests received Excellence Counts, the first official report on the Endowed Professorships Scheme edited by Vice-Chancellor which highlights the achievements and accomplishments of each Endowed Professor.

The Endowed Professorships Scheme was launched in 2005 and to date 37 Endowed Professorships have been established.

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