Finding a Higher Calling on an HKU rooftop

Finding a Higher Calling on an HKU rooftop

Oct 2013

Mrs Ann Kung (4th left), Head of Personal Banking (General Manager), Bank of China (Hong Kong), and Dr Steven J Cannon (5th left), Executive Vice-President (Administration and Finance), HKU officiated at the kick-off ceremony.

Organic Farming is off the ground at HKU – literally! The ‘Rooftop Farming Project‘ brings the practice of organic farming to the HKU campus with the setting up of a rooftop farm on Runme Shaw Building. A group of dedicated students are already flexing their green fingers as urban farmers and even managed to supply campus restaurants with fresh organic vegetables from their first harvest.

Although the green-roof movement has been slow to gain momentum in Hong Kong, this project at HKU aims to explore the potential value of rooftops for small-scale urban agriculture in a high-density city. But more than that, the HKU Rooftop Farming Project wants to reconnect people and their food, while raising awareness of a sustainable lifestyle that includes the consumption of local produce to reduce the carbon footprint, and the reduction of food waste through composting.

The project is co-organised by the General Education Unit and Sustainability Office of HKU, sponsored by the BOCHK Charitable Foundation, and supported by Time To Grow, Greenwoods (HKUSU), and Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant.


October 2013

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