“First-in-the-Family Education Fund” (FIFE Fund) Presentation and Sharing Ceremony

Feb 2011

In February 2011, the University held the second “First-in-the-Family Education Fund” (FIFE Fund) Presentation and Sharing Ceremony at which Fund recipients, alumni and supporters shared their learning and personal experiences.


This year, the Fund supported 300 full-time undergraduate students. Each student recipient will have a bursary of $10,000 to take enriched learning activities throughout their university life and better equip themselves to embrace future challenges.

With the aim of creating better learning opportunities for students who come from low-income families and who are the first generation in their families to attend university, the Fund encourages and provides financial support to these students to take part in a wide range of learning activities during their undergraduate years. Since the Fund was launched in 2008, over 750 students have benefited from it.

The Fund also encourages the recipients to “pay forward” and create opportunities for others in future.

To learn more about FIFE, please visit http://www.fife.hku.hk.

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