HKU and Cambridge Hughes Hall forge closer ties


Nov 2008

The Doris Zimmern HKU Cambridge Hughes Hall Scholarships were established through the generosity of The Doris Zimmern Charitable Foundation by Dr Ronald Zimmern, son of Mrs Doris Zimmern.

The scholarships enable students and alumni from The University of Hong Kong to pursue Master’s degrees at Hughes Hall, the oldest graduate College in the University of Cambridge.

Through the scholarships, the Foundation strives to forge closer ties between HKU and Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge; foster cultural exchange and contribute to academic excellence; and create opportunities for students to undertake overseas study, and upon completion of study and training at Hughes Hall, to contribute to HKU.

In conjunction with the scholarships, HKU will provide opportunities for postdoctoral fellows or academic staff to spend a period of time at Hughes Hall as visiting scholars or fellows.

A Signing Ceremony was held in late November 2008 at the Swire Lounge of Robert Black College, a guesthouse for visiting scholars. President of Hughes Hall, Mrs Sarah Squire, Dr Ronald Zimmern from The Doris Zimmern Foundation, Pro-Vice-Chancellors Professor Paul Tam and Professor S P Chow, and other representatives from HKU were present at the Signing Ceremony to celebrate this joyful occasion.

During the Ceremony, Professor Tam, Mrs Squire and Dr Zimmern shared their joy, aspirations and expectations on this scholarship scheme. Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor S P Chow then presented a scroll of calligraphy by Professor Jao Tsung-I on “The Four Sublime Qualities” in Buddhist philosophy to Dr Zimmern as a token of gratitude.

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