HKU Foundation Annual General Meeting

April 2012

The HKU Foundation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on March 29, 2012, and was attended by some 100 Foundation members, Faculty members and friends.

The HKU Foundation Annual General Meeting

“The Foundation was established 17 years ago, and in that time its membership has grown from 376 founding members to over 2,200 members now. The growth of the Foundation would not have been possible without the involvement of the Hong Kong community,” said Chairman Dr Philip Wong (middle).

The HKU Foundation AGM

“HKU has experienced quite a number of trying times in the past century. But every time, we rise up and become stronger than before. We will be entering into a new Century and there will be some major changes. Your support and generosity are crucial to enable this University to respond to those complex challenges. Without you, we could not have achieved so much,” said Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Lap-Chee Tsui.

Neil Hui 許偉東

With the support from the First-in-the-Family Education Fund, Neil Hui 許偉東(BDS, Year 4) finally fulfilled his musical dream. On behalf of all scholarship recipients, Neil thanked the donors at the AGM for their support, which helped them to realise their potential.

Dr Peter Cunich

Following the AGM, Dr Peter Cunich, Associate Professor of Department of History, delivered a talk on “The Foundation of the University and Beginnings of Educational Philanthropy in Hong Kong”, which uncovered some hitherto unknown stories. For example, many people may not know that, if it were not Sir H N Mody’s tremendous efforts in negotiating with the Government, the University would be located at the very crowded and less desirable “Tai-Ping-Shan” area instead of the verdant hillside above the Bonham Road/Pok Fu Lam Road intersection. The photo above shows the University in the olden days.

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