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The University of Hong Kong, established in 1911 and with its origin tracing back to 1887, is the first university in the territory and one of the first tertiary institutions in the region. It has nurtured leaders and grown with the history and aspirations of Hong Kong. Thousands of our graduates continue to serve Hong Kong and lead with great distinction and commitment. Here is a citadel of knowledge for Hong Kong, China and the world.

The HKU Foundation* was established in 1995 as a charitable organisation to support the University’s dream and advancement as it contributes to the local and global communities. The HKU Foundation comprises individual and corporate benefactors who share the mission of the University. A Board of Directors is responsible for the fund administration, while allocation is conducted through an annual Seed Grants exercise. The University’s Development & Alumni Affairs Office serves as the Secretariat of the HKU Foundation.

* The University of Hong Kong Foundation for Educational Development and Research (in full)


HKU Foundation has supported a host of projects in various areas through its investment income, with an aim of benefiting local as well as global communities. Donations to the University can be designated for specific projects or units in accordance with the benefactors’ wishes. These contributions can support the funding of academic research, scholarships, bursaries and development projects.

The HKU Foundation Secretariat is housed at
The Development & Alumni Affairs Office
G/F Hung Hing Ying Building, The University of Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3917 1729 / (852) 3917 1724

HKU Foundation Seed Grants Allocation Exercise

Donations channelled through the Foundation can be either earmarked for specific projects in accordance with donors' wishes, or become part of the Foundation endowment from which income generated will be allocated to support worthy causes selected through an annual Seed Grants allocation exercise.The following highlights some of the Seed Grants funded projects:

- HKU Foundation Scholarships for Outstanding Students
- HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchanges Programme
- University Postgraduate Fellowship Scheme
- First-in-the-Family Education Fund

For other projects funded by the HKU Foundation and highlights of major donations (HK$1 million or more), please refer to our Annual Reports.

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