HKU Professors Turn Bald to Support Kids with Cancer


May 2010

To most people, a head of pretty hair is where their self-confidence builds on. Two professors of Medical Faculty dared to sacrifice their precious hair to raise funds for Children’s Cancer Foundation. Professor Paul Tam Kwong-hang, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of HKU and Chair Professor, Department of Surgery, together with his wife Ms Amy Chum, renowned actress and Council Member of Children’s Cancer Foundation, and Professor Godfrey Chan Chi-fung of the Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, gave up their precious hair for charity and raised around $800,000 up to this moment. The sum would be designated for supporting childhood cancer research, sending the warmest regards to the children suffering from cancers.

The fund-raising event is jointly organized by the Medical Faculty and the St Baldrick’s Foundation. This is the first St Baldrick’s head-shaving event held in tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. Professor Sum-ping Lee, Dean of Medicine, Mrs. Eleanor Morris, Vice-Chairman of Children’s Cancer Foundation, Ms Ann Hui On-wah, renowned film director, HKU teachers and staff, students and friends of professors attended the event and showed their support. A children cancer patient of Professor Chan was invited to start shaving his hair. Fellows and friends of Professor Tam and Mrs. Tam took turns to be their shavers. The event was full of love and laughter.

Being a paediatric surgeon, Professor Paul Tam has treated many children who have cancer. “I feel compelled to do something extra for them, and shaving my head is such a small thing compared with what those children endure.” He deliberately brought the event to HKU, hoping to raise awareness in the University community and get HKU teachers and students involved in this truly worthy cause.

Professor Godfrey Chan volunteered to join the action. Witnessing the impressive improvement in cancer patients’ survival in recent years, he believed that with the support by these charity activities, the new researches and treatment programs could further improve the quality of life and prevent long term side effects. “Although I am growing bald, I call on my friends not to give half a donation. Instead, I ask them to donate double because I am going to have my precious half shaved off for charity!” joked Professor Chan.

Professor Sum-ping Lee exalted the shaves for giving a valuable lesson to the future medical practitioners through taking part in this meaningful event. He believed that members of the Faculty would continue to enhance this virtue of selfless and caring to patients.

Founded in 2000, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation aims at raising funds for children suffering from cancer through head shaving events, which allow the shaves to be in solidarity with the children fighting cancer, as in most instances they lose their hair. Since then, events have taken place in 28 countries and raised over $87 million US dollars for the cause.

Fellows and friends of Professor Paul Tam Kwong-hang took turns to be their shavers, including Professor Sum-ping Lee.
Professor Godfrey Chan Chi-fung invited his children cancer patients to shave his head.
Film Director Ms Ann Hui (right) and other close friends help shave the head of Ms Amy Chum.
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