HKU welcomes four highly respected artists as University Artists 2011-2012

April 2011

On April 7, 2011, an inauguration ceremony was held for the University Artists Scheme at which four renowned artists from the disciplines of Film, Music, and the Visual Arts were appointed as University Artists for 2011-2012. The four artists are filmmakers and HKU Alumni Ms Mabel Cheung (張婉婷) and Mr Alex Law (羅啟銳), visual artist Mr Gu Wenda (谷文達), and conductor Ms Yip Wing-sie (葉詠詩). The Scheme is hosted by the Faculty of Arts and supported by the Daniel Chan Fund (陳正欣基金).

Univesity Artists 2011-2012  Inauguration Ceremony

Officiating at the ceremony were Dean of Arts Professor Kam Louie (3rd left) and the scheme’s sponsor Mr Daniel Chan (5th left), Founder and Managing Director of Paragon International Ltd.

Professor Kam Louie said, “We are indeed privileged to have artists of such calibre join our University Artists Scheme For our students, in particular, having the opportunity to question true masters of their craft and engage in a creative dialogue with them is an invaluable experience which they will never forget.”

The Scheme was launched in 2008 to bring artists of an international calibre to the campus to share their knowledge with and enrich the lives of students, staff and the community.

More about the University Artists Scheme:

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