HKU welcomes the establishment of the Edmund and Peggy Tse Professorship in Mathematics


Feb 2011

“Mathematics is a truly universal language. It is science, it is art, it is philosophy. The laws of mathematics explain, govern and can be further applied to improve our lives. I hope this inaugural Endowed Professorship at the Department of Mathematics will contribute to further research into the understanding of and the creation of academic interest in such an elegant discipline.” Dr Edmund Sze-Wing Tse (BA 1960)

In February 2011, a dedication ceremony was held to celebrate the establishment of the Edmund and Peggy Tse Professorship in Mathematics, which is the first Endowed Professorship designated to the Department of Mathematics. This was made possible through a donation of $10 million from Dr Edmund Tse and matched by the University to form a permanent endowment of $20 million.

The ceremony was attended by friends of Dr Tse and University members, and was followed by a dinner in honour of Dr Tse at University Lodge.

The establishment of this Endowed Professorship will assist Professor Mok Ngai-Ming (being the inaugural incumbent) in his pioneering research. Since 1999, Professor Mok has been the Director of the Institute of Mathematical Research and has been serving on the Editorial Boards of top Mathematics journals including Inventiones mathematicae and Mathematische Annalen. Among the professional accolades Professor Mok has received are the Sloan Fellowship in 1984, the Presidential Young Investigator Award of the United States in 1985, the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship Award in 1998, the State Natural Science Award of China in 2007, and the Stefan Bergman Award for 2009 from the United States.

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