Honouring Family Ties

Honouring Family Ties

Jan 2017

With a wish to honour his loving parents, alumnus Mr Sung Chi-Wing 宋志榮 (BSc(Eng) 1969) initiated a donation with his elder sister Dr Sung Man-Ling 宋曼玲 (MBBS 1966) to set up a scholarship at HKU.

Mr Sung shared that: “Before my mother passed away, she indicated time and again of her desire to give back to HKU, as four of her five children are HKU graduates, with my two sisters receiving bursaries, which lessened the family’s financial burden.”

This “Sung Hong-Ting Cheng Pui-Lan Memorial Scholarship 宋漢廷鄭佩蘭獎學金” will support students studying Classical Chinese as it was Madam Sung’s favourite subject. Her alma mater, Vernacular Normal School (漢文師範), was one of the earliest local institutions to provide formal teacher training.

Although Mr Sung moved to the U.S. many years ago, he still keeps a close relationship with his siblings who live thousands of miles away, including Dr Sung Man-Ling and Professor Sung Yun-Wing 宋恩榮 (BSocSc 1970) in Hong Kong, and Professor Sung Man-Ying 宋曼瑛 (BA 1967) in New Zealand. Coincidently, Mr Sung’s two brothers-in-law are also HKU graduates.

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