Inspiring the Science World

Inspiring the Science World

September 2019

Professor Luk Kam Biu

Professor Luk Kam Biu, Hung Hing Ying Distinguished Visiting Professor in Science and Technology and alumnus of the Department of Physics at HKU, has been chosen as a laureate of China’s 2019 Future Science Prize.

The Future Science Prize is considered China’s “Nobel Prize” and was established to recognise those scientists whose original research, conducted mostly in the Greater China region, has made a significant impact on the international science community. Professor Luk won the prize in physical sciences jointly with Professor Wang Yifang, Director of the Institute for High-Energy Physics under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, for their leadership in the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment and contributions to the discovery of a new type of neutrino oscillation, which opens the door for new physics beyond the Standard Model of particle physics and holds the key for understanding the matter-antimatter asymmetry in the universe.

Professor Luk led our Foundation Members for a guided visit to Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant

Vice-President (Research) Professor Andy Hor congratulated Professor Luk on the prestigious award, noting that it “inspires for our people to investigate other areas of nuclear and high-energy physics and their potential applications in medicine, energy and environment”. He also expressed his sincere thanks for the generous support of the Hung Hing Ying and Leung Hau Ling Charitable Foundation, which has enabled Professor Luk to visit and work with young staff and students at HKU.

A group photo of the research team taken during the Daya Bay Experiment's collaboration meeting, which took place at HKU in 2015. Professor Luk (front row, 7th from right)

About the Scheme:

Hung Hing Ying and Leung Hau Ling Charitable Foundation made a generous donation in 2010 to establish a permanent endowment to support the appointments of visiting scholars in the fields of science and technology. It is believed that the scheme will enhance the research culture at HKU and further strengthen its academic endeavours in the areas of science and technology.

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