Professor Lin addressed the problem of global economic imbalances

Prof Justin Yifu Lin

June 2009

Professor Justin Yifu Lin, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank, spoke at the Edward K Y Chen Distinguished Lecture Series held in November 2009. As the World Bank’s Chief Economist, he guides the Bank’s intellectual leadership and plays a key role in shaping the research agenda of the institution.

Talking on “Shifting Paradigms on Both Sides of the Global Economic Imbalance”, Professor Lin delivered his lecture before a packed Loke Yew Hall. Professor Edward Chen Kwan-yiu, whom the Lecture Series were named after, delivered the closing remarks.


The Edward K Y Chen Distinguished Lecture Series was initiated by a group of former HKU students of Professor Chen from the early 1970s as an accolade to the fine scholar and loving teacher. A fund was set up in 2008 to establish the Lecture Series at HKU in his honour. Not only does this Lecture Series represent a tribute to an honoured teacher, it also aspires to demonstrate the fine tradition of great respect and appreciation for Teachers and Mentors to our younger generation.

The Lecture Series is organised by the School of Economic and Finance of The University of Hong Kong.

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