Scholarships create infinite possibilities

Scholarships create infinite possibilities

January 2021

6000 awards given each years
Continuing the Legacy of Loke Yew

Founded in the 1910s to support students of the Medical Faculty, Loke Yew Scholarships’ legacy is continued by Loke Yew’s grandson, Professor Charlie Loke.

Natalie Yu 余煒茵 (MBBS Year 5)

Khan Abdull Samad (MBBS Year 2) is the first generation in his family go to university. He fully appreciates the value of a university education. “I am so thankful to Professor Loke who believes in my goals as a medical practitioner and who is willing to invest in my future!”

Natalie Yu 余煒茵 (MBBS Year 5) initiated a medical service trip to Cusco, Peru. She was attached to an Obstetrics & Gynaecology clinic and assisted the doctors in physical examinations and minor surgical procedures.

Contributing Time and Knowledge

The Evergreen Scholarships were established by History alumnus Mr Lam Sum Chee (BA 1967) to support arts and humanities students.

Andrea Tsang 曾沛怡 (BA Year 2)

Andrea Tsang 曾沛怡 (BA Year 2) is active in volunteer work. She launched an online Q&A on Instagram allowing secondary students to ask questions about university admission and study majors.

Eric Chan 陳奕恒(BA Year 3) enjoys playing computer games and has long held a dream of making a history-themed game to promote learning of history while playing. He initiated a start-up project to develop a History educational game app “Hystery” for secondary school students.

From Nigeria to Hong Kong

Having conducted business in Nigeria for many years, a Hong Kong merchant decided to give back to the people there by establishing the Hon Ping Entrance Scholarship for Nigerian Students. His wish was to support young people from the African nation to pursue their studies at HKU.

Honour Olatunji (BEng Year 3)

Honour Olatunji (BEng Year 3) had dreamt of studying aboard since he was a child. “Back in Nigeria, we need to worry about basics like electricity. The Scholarship has opened up many great opportunities and I have the chance to meet people from different cultures.” Semiat Ayeni (BASc Year 1) completed high school at the age of 13 and has a passion for Mathematics. “I chose the Arts and Science programme because I wish to learn how to make connections across different subjects and solve problems in the interconnected world of today.”

Promoting Inclusive Education

Mr Henry Chan established Henry Chan Inclusive Education Fund (陳天生共融教育基金) in 2006 and K.B. Chen Inclusive Education Fund (陳國本共融教育基金) in 2019 to promote barrier-free learning and ultimately a more inclusive society.

Final-year Arts student Josy Chow 周佩珊

Final-year Arts student Josy Chow 周佩珊 is born with spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a genetic disorder that results in limited mobility and difficulties in breathing and swallowing. “It takes me 3 to 4 weeks to finish a 2000-word essay assignment on a computer. To take an exam, I need to recite the answers to a university staff member who helps me by typing everything out.”

The Fund supports Josy in acquisition of a suitable wheelchair, and covering other costs related to her learning and transportation.

“Inclusive learning environments enhance innovation and creativity of thought. They are where mutual respect is valued and barriers are brought down, creating equal learning opportunities for all.” —- Henry Chan

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