Sparking Brighter Futures

Sparking Brighter Futures

Sept 2016

To express their gratitude towards their mentor and teacher Professor YC Cheng 鄭耀宗教授, former HKU Vice-Chancellor (1996-2000) and past Dean of Engineering (1987-1989), a group of alumni initiated a donation to establish the YC Cheng Engineering Scholarship last year. It will support Engineering students to participate in overseas learning.

The group comprises Professor Cheng’s former postgraduate and undergraduate students, and visiting scholars who were mentored by him. Several supporters have benefitted from international opportunities made possible by Professor Cheng’s mentorship.

Sparking Brighter Futures
(From left) Professor YC Cheng with some of the Scholarship donors: Professor Philip HS Wong, Dr Kevin Chau, Dr James Ma, and Professor Peter Lai
Other donors include Dr Zhihong Liu, Dr K K Hung and Dr Hong-Seh Lim.
Sparking Brighter Futures

Professor Cheng shared some thoughts at the
Scholarship Presentation Ceremony,

“I firmly believe in education, as education can change one’s life. It can also enable us to accomplish whatever vision and mission we have.

We should all try our best to make use of our talent to make contributions to society, no matter how big or small. We only live once. Someday, when we look back, we should be satisfied that we made a tiny footprint to help others.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my students and the University for making this Scholarship happen. Without scholarships, I would not have been able to receive the education that I had back then. This Scholarship will enable outstanding Engineering students to broaden their horizons and realise their dreams, I am sure that they will all benefit tremendously from these learning experiences.”

The first two awardees of this Scholarship, Mr Gao Chang (left) and Mr Gu De-Run (right), will partake in an academic exchange at the University of California, Los Angeles in early 2017.

Sparking Brighter Futures

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