T. T. Tsui Building

A ceremony to celebrate the completion of the T. T. Tsui Building was held on November 8, 1986, with officiating guests Dr T. T. Tsui; Mr Ma Chengyuan, Curator of the Shanghai Museum; Ms Wang Limei, State Bureau of Cultural Relics; and Professor Y C Cheng, Vice-Chancellor. The University of Hong Kong was bestowed with a generous donation from Dr Tsui to redevelop what was known as the “Woodside” site.

Dr Tsui was the chairman of the New China Hong Kong Group, and was also an avid art lover. He made generous donations to famous institutions as far apart as the renowned Victoria and Albert Museum in London to the Chicago School of Art. Therefore, the lower three floors comprise an art gallery. It is connected to the existing Fung Ping Shan Museum by an internal bridge to form the University Museum and Art Gallery. The rest of the building houses the headquarters of the School for Professional and Continuing Education and the Department of Ecology and Biodiversity. 

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