The Class of ’71, initiators of the Silver Jubilee Class Reunion, shares the love of art through the “1971 for 2011 Collection” project

May 2011

Silver Jubilee Class Reunion

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of its graduation, the Class of ’71 has raised over HK$2.2 million from 11 donors and friends to launch the “1971 for 2011 Collection” project (四十情誼百載緣.藝術藏品).

The University and the Class of ’71 would like to thank the following donors for their support and generosity:

Mr Daniel Chan (陳正欣先生),
Mr Tony Choi (蔡少洲先生),
Dr Simon Kwok (郭少明博士),
Mrs Nina Lam (林李婉冰女士),
Professor Peggy Lam (林貝聿嘉教授),
Mr Raymond Lee (李文俊先生),
Ms So Chau Yim-ping (蘇周艷屏女士),
Dr Jimmy Tang (鄧鉅明博士),
Ms Christina Ting (丁毓珠女士),
Mr Simon To (杜振源先生),
and Mr Albert Wong (王嘉恩先生).

The donations will be used to acquire art piece from local artist with which to adorn the HKU Centennial Campus. The project will integrate art with the architecture of the new Campus.

The Class of ’71 also raised HK$1 million 15 years ago at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of its graduation and, in the process, started a new tradition at HKU: the Silver Jubilee Reunion Celebration.

Friends for Life
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