The Lee Shu Pui Leung Wai Hing Education fund supports new digital media learning initiative


Feb 2009

A HK$2 million donation from Lee Kam Woon and his wife, Mrs Lee Shum Shuk Yuen has created an endowment fund to support The Journalism and Media Studies Centre’s (JMSC) a new digital media learning initiative. The gift was donated in honour of Mr Lee’s late parents, Lee Shu Pui and Leung Wai Hing.

The initiative will be launched later this year and will provide multi-media students with the opportunity to make extensive journalistic field trips outside Hong Kong supervised by JMSC faculty.

The Lees’ endowment has also underwritten a series of lectures highlighting the latest developments and trends in digital media. The inaugural lecture in this series took place in October 2008 and featured Professor Lawrence Lessig of Stanford University who is a specialist on law and cyberspace.

Mr and Mrs Lee are members of the family of the late Shum Wai Yau, the founder of the Wah Kiu Yat Po newspaper. The family has previously donated to JMSC programmes and scholarships, including $2 million given in 2007 to establish the Shum Wai Yau Journalism Education Fund and the Lee Kam Woon and Shum Shuk Yuen Education Fund.

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