“Universities: Will they remain the same?”


Feb 2009

The establishment of the Tin Ka Ping Education Fund at the Faculty of Education was marked by a inaugural public lecture held on March 24, entitled “Universities: Will they remain the same?”, and given by Dr Jamil Salmi, Tertiary Education Coordinator, World Bank.

In his lecture, which was introduced by Professor K.M. Cheng and attended by a large audience, Dr Salmi stated that the challenges ahead include technology advancement and changes to education and training needs. He advised universities to adapt new pedagogical approaches with focus on learning tailored to needs of individual rather than teaching.

The Tin Ka Ping Education Fund was endowed with a gift from Dr Tin Ka and will be used for the Tin Ka Ping Distinguished Lecture, the Tin Ka Ping Education Seminar Series and the Tin Ka Ping Visiting Fellowship Scheme, to strengthen the educational and academic connection, collaboration and cultural exchange between the Faculty and higher education in China.

Dr Tin Ka Ping is a distinguished industrialist and philanthropist in Hong Kong and China, and a well-known educationist. In 1997, HKU conferred on Dr Tin the degree of Doctor of Education, honoris causa.

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