Fuelling the city’s cultural dynamism through critical thinking

Nov 2009

Mr Frank Proctor, founder and publisher of Muse magazine, has been a long-time supporter of the Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC). He provided practical support to establish the JMSC Young Journalist Scholarship Fund in 2003. In addition, his magazine offers internship and job opportunities to JMSC students and graduates.

More recently, the Muse Magazine Distinguished Lecture Series in the Humanities conducted by Professor Leo Lee 李歐梵教授* and the Muse Magazine Critic-in-Residence Programme were established.

Mr Proctor explained that with the Distinguished Lecture Series he wanted to create a forum for Professor Lee, whom he calls one of the most brilliant and original thinkers in Hong Kong today, to put forward his thought-provoking perspectives to the wider community.

From his experience as publisher, Mr Proctor believes that the city needs to cultivate more good arts critics who write in an intelligent way for a general audience. The main role of the Critic-in-Residence programme will be to teach students at JMSC about writing on arts and culture, with an emphasis on reviews and criticism.

* This programme is also sponsored by the Project for Public Culture and supported by the Azalea (1972) Endowment Fund and the HKU Culture & Humanities Fund.

Mr Frank Proctor with a group of students who benefited from the JMSC Young Journalist Scholarship Fund
Professor Leo Lee conducted six lectures for the Muse Magazine Distinguished Lecture Series
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