The “University Artists” Scheme brings culture to HKU students through the support of the Wah Ching Fund

University Artists

Aug 2008

At the Inauguration Ceremony of the “University Artists” Scheme, held in November 2008, The University of Hong Kong welcomed five University Artists, each renowned in his or her field, to be appointed for the period 2008 to 2010:

Peter Chan

Ann Hui

Dr Lung Heung-wing

Dr Vicki Ooi

Yao Jue

The University Artists will enrich the cultural live of the HKU community, and the wider Hong Kong community, through workshops, screenings, exhibitions and performances. The experience, expertise and enthusiasm the artists bring to this Scheme help to develop students’ critical, independent and innovative thinking on which the University places great importance.

This scheme was established with the support of Dr Tam Wah-ching through the Wah Ching Fund. Dr Tam has been a friend of HKU for many years and has generously given his support to research and development in education, arts and medicine at the University. The Scheme is hosted by the Faculty of Arts.

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