Wu Shufang Memorial Scholarship

Ms Wu Shufang
Ms Wu Shufang

Mar 2023

Ms Wu Shufang(吳淑芳)was a rural teacher in Handan(邯鄲), China.  She was kind and generous who had never refused to help anyone in need, even during the most challenging times. After her retirement, she donated all the savings that she and her late husband had accumulated over the years to help build the first formal primary school in her village so to encourage local children to study hard and broaden their horizons.

Under her guidance and influence, many children from her village were able to receive proper and prestigious higher education. Ms Wu’s daughter obtained a master’s degree from The University of Hong Kong and a doctorate from Peking University, whose family is now settled in Hong Kong.

Ms Wu Shufang passed away in June 2022, but her love and dedication to education continue to influence and inspire every member of her family and all those who knew her.  In October 2022, her family pledged a donation to set up a scholarship in honour of Ms Wu to support and encourage HKU undergraduate students to contribute to the development of the Greater China Region. 

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