Young Eco Leaders in Nature Conversation: A HKU’s Student Field Trip to Africa


Sept 2010

Made possible through the sponsorship of Mr. Adrian Cheng Chi-kong, Founder and Chairman of K11, twenty-two HKU students and Assistant Professor of the School of Biological Sciences, Dr. Billy Hau, successfully completed a 15-day trip to the Masai Mara in East Africa.

The field trip provided a life-transforming experience for students to witness first hand how species are driven to extinction by environment degradation, and how dwindling communities of endangered species can be revived through well-managed habitats.


“The objective of the Ecology & Biodiversity programmes at HKU is to empower students in nature conservation.  Biodiversity conversation requires scientific input as well as passion.  As such, strong emphasis is placed upon experiential learning such as overseas field expeditions and work placements in the environmental section” said Dr. Billy Hau.

In support of the International Year of Biodiversity, and to increase awareness of nature conservation amongst the general public in Hong Kong, HKU students shared their safari trip experience at the “Horn of Africa – Masai Mara” Photographic exhibition at K11, the art mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.

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