A Kindness Reciprocated

A Kindness Reciprocated

Jan 2017

Dr Xu Guilian (PhD 2001) pledged to make an annual donation to the First-in-the-Family-Education Fund on the day of her mentor Dr Fai Tang’s birth.  

It is their connection, which began 20 years ago, that led to this meaningful gift.

“Dear Dr Tang,

In 1996, you helped me to pay the application fee for HKU so I could have the chance to go to graduate school. You taught me many things in the lab, as well as setting an example for me to be a hardworking honest scientist and guiding me to be an expert in molecular biology.

Today, although I do not have a professor title or an independent lab, I have made quite a few important findings, have taught many students, and have helped the transgenic core facility to succeed at the University of Florida using the knowledge I learned at HKU.

To show my appreciation for your support and the opportunity that HKU gave me, I plan to make a donation every year on your birthday, supporting the first generation of university students in the family, like my husband and my parents. As helping students with financial difficulties to get a good education is a way to change the world.

I wish all the best for you. You gave me opportunities and changed my life.



Dr Fai Tang (Honorary Professor of the School of Biomedical Sciences) also fondly recalled that when Dr Xu was his student, her perseverance and enthusiasm greatly impressed him. He is glad that Dr Xu is now doing very well in the area of Alzheimer’s disease research and initiated this gift to HKU for helping the next generation. 

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