Celebrating Graduation by Paying it Forward

Celebrating Graduation by Paying it Forward
“…開心for undergrad開學開心下。” ~ Serrini

Dec 2021

Award-winning independent singer-songwriter Serrini Leung 梁嘉茵 (MA 2015; PhD 2021) has strong ties with HKU, starting with her Master studies through to her PhD. During her years in HKU, she was often invited to share her musical journey and views on literature with students. Serrini was not only academically connected to HKU, she also has a special relationship with halls- she served as a residential tutor in Lady Ho Tung Hall, also, one of her music videos was shoot in University Hall. 

As a scholarship recipient, Serrini is grateful for having received financial support for her music and work during her studies. As a graduate of HKU Class of 2021, she would like to pay it forward and thus established a scholarship to support fellow students in the Faculty of Arts. She hopes the scholarship could encourage the students to study and experience more, allowing them the capacity to expand their ambitions.

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