Silver Jubilee Class of 80+ brings equality and fraternity to disadvantaged children of Hong Kong

Class of 80+ building a more caring community together

July 2007

To celebrate its Silver Jubilee in a meaningful way, the Class of 80 initiated Growing Partners, a social capital building project that promotes co-operation, equality and mutual respect.

The principle behind Growing Partners is to enhance the social exposure of disadvantaged children, thereby promoting life-changing opportunities and building a more inclusive and caring community. With the professional assistance of The Boys and Girls Clubs Association, the project links students from low-income families with HKU alumni for friendship and services to community.

Participants, both children and alumni, are exposed to a wide range of life experiences and development opportunities, leading eventually to better self-understanding and self-confidence. Group activities include visits to elderly homes, summer courses, community and outings.

Growing Partners requires volunteers and funding to continue its unique community-based scheme. It is open to those who graduated in 1980, those who started at HKU in 1977, those born in 1980, and all members of the HKU Alumni Family.

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