Celebrate the Moon Festival with Senior Citizens

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Sept 2012

Over 1,000 volunteers (students, staff, alumni and friends) signed up for the HKU Volunteer Team and visited 2,000 senior citizens on September 3 and 4. They made home visits to the senior citizens and brought them gifts of low-sugar mooncakes, fruit and more. This year with donations received, the HKU 100 Mooncakes were also brought to the under-privileged children and low-income families.

I never imagined that we could indeed be connected!” Sonia Chan (BA, Year2) Sonia Chan was moved by the positive attitude and enthusiasm towards life shown by Auntie Chan (陳婆婆), who is 80 years old and used to work at May Hall. “I was surprised when Ms Chan told me that she once worked at the University. I never imagined that we could indeed be connected!”

Their laughter has brightened up my day!” Manus Lui (BSc, Year 3) Manus Lui found the visit remarkable. “The senior citizens whom we visited today are very active. We had lots of interactions. Their laughter brightened up my day.”

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