Honouring Long-held Beliefs

Honouring Long-held Beliefs

Feb 2016

The Lo Shiu Kwan Kan Po Ling Professorship in Pharmacy 羅肇群簡寶玲基金教授席 (藥劑學) was established with a generous donation from Mr Lo Shiu-Kwan and his wife, Madam Kan Po-Ling.

As a successful entrepreneur who ran a string of pawn shops across Hong Kong, Mr Lo has served the Hong Kong and Kowloon Pawnbrokers Association for 40 years and was its President from 2005 to 2010.

Back to the time when the World War II broke out, Mr Lo was unable to continue his studies due to his father’s illness and had to work hard to support the family. Despite the challenges he faced in his life, Mr Lo has always held a strong belief in giving back to the community and finds inspiration in supporting the education, medical and welfare services of Hong Kong and China.

“With this Endowed Professorship in Pharmacy, we are pleased to support The University of Hong Kong in its effort to nurture the medical talents of tomorrow. It is our hope that it will further add to the strengths of educational development at the University,” shared Mr Lo and Madam Kan on their aspirations for this meaningful gift.

Dedication Ceremony for the Lo Shiu Kwan Kan Po Ling Professorship in Pharmacy
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