Centennial Garden

The Centennial Garden was completed in 2012, together with the Centennial Campus, to maximise the green coverage of the campus. The Garden includes four signature sculptures and gardens: the Bricks Wall; Little Garden; Universe; and Fortiter in re, Suaviter in modo.

Bricks Wall

The Bricks Wall recognises contributions from 1,700 alumni and friends of the University. Through the Bricks Campaign they raised approximately HK$32 million for campus development and together helped build the Centennial Campus.

Fortiter in re, Suaviter in modo

The sculpture, Fortiter in re, Suaviter in modo (外圓内方), was unveiled at the Centennial Garden in recognition of the remarkable contributions made by Dr Stanley Ho (HonDSocSc 1987) to the advancement of the University.

The name of the sculpture, Fortiter in re, Suaviter in modo, meaning “vigorous in deed, gentle in manner”, was adopted from a writing by the Very Rev Claudio Acquaviva, SJ (1543 –1615), an Italian Jesuit priest. The Chinese name “外圓內方” is taken from the History of Later Han Dynasty (後漢書) and has a similar meaning about interacting with others.

“I am deeply honoured that my alma mater has erected this sculpture. My grateful thanks also go to my fellow alumni who participated in the Stanley Ho Alumni Challenge, which I initiated in 2005. Thank you very much for sharing my dream and contributing together to the ongoing growth and development of HKU!” -Dr Stanley Ho

The Little Garden

“The Little Garden” was a gift to the University from the family of Dr Philip Wong’s (BA 1955; HonLLD 1996) and was officially opened on March 19, 2014. The name of the Garden was proposed by Mrs Gertrude Wong, wife of Dr Wong and an Honorary Patron of the HKU Foundation.

Located at the very west rim of the Centennial Campus, the Garden is filled with plants carefully chosen to create a quiet area for peaceful study and contemplation for students and visitors.


The HKU Class of 1971 initiated a fundraising project at the time of the 40th anniversary of their graduation to donate a work of art to HKU in celebration of the University’s Centenary in 2011. The art piece “Universe 萬象” was unveiled on October 27, 2016 by the Class of 1971.

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